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W. W. Miniature Horse Farm

Pygmy Goats

We have a few Pygmy Goats for sale each year!
Please check back soon!

Iris is 8 years old and has had 17 boys and 5 girls since 2003!

This is Iris with her 2008 triplets born 1-31-08

This is OREO. He is Iris's first baby and the biggest baby on the farm!
Oreo is a wether!


This is 2 of our 2008 babies, Sammy on the right and DeeDee on the left!
DeeDee will be bred to Nick when they both mature!
Sammy is a wether and just a pet! :)


Nicholas is a 1/2 Pygmy & 1/2 Blue Eyed Nigerian Dwarf! 
He was a gift to us from our good friends Bobby and Judy Fox of Foxfire Farm Nigerians!
We will breed Nick to our 2008 DD for some 2009 kids!

Our new buck, 1/2 Pygmy 1/2 Nigerian Dwarf
This is Nicholas (aka Nick)

Here's Nick as he matures


It's Triplets Again!
Our 2009 Pygmy Goats have arrived!
One grey girl and two Black Boys with a star!
The boys will be for sale when weaned!

Our 2009 Pygmy goat born 4-29-09
2 boys and One grey girl

This little gal, Daisy,  will be staying with us and will be bred to Nick when she matures!

She'll be staying with us!

One of our Boys For Sale $50.00

One of our 2009 boys (no name yet)

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